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I Said This, You Heard That - Communication Tool

Despite our advanced linguistic capabilities, effective communication remains a major challenge in relationships (home, work, church). The message we send via our vocal cords, body language, and written mediums is often hijacked by filters within the brain of the receiver and the meaning is replaced with something different than what the sender intended. These miscommunications sometimes lead to unintended outcomes because the receiver reacts to their version of the message, instead of the sender's version of the message. Pausing before we react in order to confirm the meaning of the message and respond appropriately is ideal. Understanding these filters we each possess is a key component of this process.

I recently learned of a communication improvement program called I Said This, You Heard That on a recent Andy Stanley Leadership podcast that offers a workbook or online assessment for determining which of four temperaments:


  • Cholerics (Red)

  • Sanguines (Yellow)

  • Phlegmatics (Green)

  • Melancholics (Blue)

These temperaments appear to align very closely with the four personality types of the DISC model.

DISC personality types

  • Dominant = Cholerics

  • Influencing = Sanguines

  • Steadiness = Phlegmatics

  • Conscientiousness (or Cautious) = Melancholics

A free DISC assessment test can be found here.

I am a high C (Conscientious) type and completely identify with the characteristics that describe this type.

Once you've discovered your personality type and temperament, you are prepared to learn what filter you possess and how that impacts information you receive. If you can determine the type/temperament of someone else, you can be mindful of how their filter might impact the message you are sending and then clarify their interpretation to ensure miscommunication hasn't occurred.

I Said This, You Heard That offers a video series that helps us understand the differences in temperaments and how these differences impact our personalities. The video series is available via YouTube.

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