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Sharing practical approaches to personal finance, productivity, community, and the simpler aspects of life as we transition towards an empty nest and retirement. 
All discussion regarding financial strategies or tactics presented here are my opinions on the topic. Your financial decisions should be based on individualized research and/or the advice from a sworn fiduciary familiar with your personal goals and interests.


I am a retired Air Force officer, having served 26 years.  My career included 13 years enlisted time in Financial Management, 7 years as a Budget Officer, and 6 years in Logistics, concluding my career as a Squadron Commander.  Following my military retirement, I held leadership positions in large civilian and government organizations before reevaluating how I can best serve my family and my community.

As it turns out, chasing the highest income possible wasn't helping us live our best life.  I hope to share what I've learned.


"Even in small numbers, where there is consistency over time, change can happen."

Serge Muscovici



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