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2021 Digital Planner

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Some people like paper planners. They enjoy the act of writing entries into their calendar, creating task list and checking off the items, and jotting down notes. The problem is they are often bulky and aren't always handy when needed.

Other people like to use apps for their calendar events, task lists, and notes. The problem here is the information may not be displayed in a convenient manner and the input process doesn't allow for much creativity.

A digital planner could be the perfect compromise for some people. Best for those with an iPad or another kind of tablet and pen/stylus writing device, digital planners can be created and exported as PDF documents that contain hyperlinks for navigating around your planner. Using apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and OneNote, to name a few, you can actually write in your planner, import photos to use as stickers or as part of your notes, and search your notes for things you've written (this somewhat depends on the app you choose to use, I prefer GoodNotes for iPad).

You can learn more about how to use a digital planner by watching a video I made in 2018 when I created my first digital planner. When I started my last job, I was working in a secure area and personal electronics were not authorized, so I didn't bother making a 2020 planner. Now that I've transitioned out of that job, I have put together a 2021 planner that I plan to begin using again. A few pages have changed from the version shown in the video and GoodNotes 5 (the current version at the time of this post) has made some changes to the layout of the buttons of their app since this was recorded using GoodNotes 4.

Download PDF • 12.50MB

If you're interested in the idea, you are welcome to give mine a try for free. Just download the PDF from the link provided, import it into your favorite app that supports annotations on PDF documents (again, my favorite is GoodNotes), and have fun creating!

I just hope this helps anyone looking for a way to be more productive and organized by leveraging the use of their iPad or tablet. Best wishes on your quest.

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